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Autumn decor is all about touchy-feely textures and cocooning colours. The new season releases are full of rich tones and textures to get our homes ready for cooler weather when we spend more time snuggling up indoors. It’s a time when minimalism is definitely out - the perfect time to layer new textures and new colours in your home. 

Here’s my guide to getting your home autumn cosy.  


Cooler weather definitely favours warm, spicy tones and richer colour palettes - mossy greens, plum burgundies, sapphire blues, mustard golds.  And, my current favourite hue, rich rust.  These tones envelope you, bringing visual warmth to a room, and creating a rich and inviting space.    

Style tips

  • Pair rich, spicy tones with neutrals like tan, bone or grey to freshen up your look.

  • Add a hit of these richer tones with gorgeous cushions and a throw. Or my personal favourite, a spice-toned occasional chair, that will steal the scene in any space, but also be the perfect cosy corner to curl-up in.

  • Create the ultimate cosy nest by painting your walls a delicious rich shade. Don’t let darker tones intimidate you and don’t be afraid to paint all the walls of a room rather than just a feature wall. The right shade can create a unique, stylish, cocooning effect - perfect for cooler weather.

  • Create an opulent look by colour blocking - repeating the same rich colour in different textures and tones. Or a more eclectic, casual vibe by mixing different hues. Mix your metal accessories too - metallics really pop against richer tones.


Kirsten Ford Design-Winter Spice-1

1 Russo sofa by Me & My Trend | 2 Chester ottoman by Me & My Trend | 3 Carson velvet cushion by Mulberi


The colder months are all about the layering of tactile textures - they are inviting not to mention adding instant snuggle factor to any space.  Add texture with blankets and throws in loose, open weaves, fur pieces (a fur hide draped over any chair or sofa adds instant instant cosiness to a space) and luxe velvet cushions.  These accessories soften a room and help create your own unique stamp on a space. 

Style tips

  • Limit yourself to around three wintry textiles in a room - for example a fluffy fur, a textured rug and a chunky throw.

  • And when it comes to the size of your autumn accessories, always think b i g. If in doubt, always go for the larger size. Upsize your cushions (start with 50 x 50cm cushions or even Euro sized ones). Make sure your throws are super generous - all the better for sofa snuggling.


Kirsten Ford Design-Winter Spice-2

1 McMurdo throw by Mulberi | 2 Adore goat cushion by Mulberi | 3 Tussock pouf by Mulberi


Velvet has been taking centre stage and the good news it, it's here to stay!  Nothing lends itself to autumn’s spicy tones or says luxe the way that velvet does.

Style tips

  • Velvet bedding teamed with linen are a current favourite of mine, creating beautiful hibernation-worthy texture and luxury.

  • Don’t think velvet is necessarily high maintenance. There fabulous velvets from many fabric houses which are very family-friendly - hard wearing and versatile, with some even able to be sponged clean.

  • Velvet sofas and chairs add instant personality to any space. But if you don’t want to commit to a such a statement piece, velvet cushions or throws always add a luxe edge.


Kirsten Ford Design-Winter Spice-3

1 Felix armchair by Me & My Trend | 2 Paloma by Weave


Cooler weather is my perfect excuse to light a scented candle - any time of the day or night!  It's an affordable, every day luxury I love.

Style tips

  • To welcome winter, choose candles with scents of musk, sandalwood or patchouli.

  • Style your candle on a tray with a wick trimmer for the perfect touch of autumn cosy.

  • Always remember to burn your candle for 2-3 hours the first time you light it to completely melt the top of the candle - this provides the candle with its "memory". And it also helps release the most fragrance. Before you relight the candle, trim the wick to about 5mm above the solid wax so that it doesn't smoke or flicker unevenly.

Kirsten Ford Design-Winter Spice-4

Ore Design candle


So embrace the upside of autumn and add some rich tones, textures and scents to your home.

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