Style cushions like a pro

Cushions can add personality to a space and be the perfect finishing touch - like beautiful mini artworks in a room. But mixing different colours, patterns and sizes stylishly is an art in itself! Here are my top three tips to style your cushions like a pro.


For most sofas the arrangement I prefer is the “2 2 1”.  Yes, I’ve named it! Start from the outside and work your way in:

Step 1: Place the two largest, matching cushions on the outer edges of the sofa.

Kirsten Ford Design-Cushion Styling-1.jpg
Kirsten Ford Design-Cushion Styling-2.jpg

Step 2: The next two matching cushions should overlap the outer two.

Kirsten Ford Design-Cushion Styling-3.jpg
Kirsten Ford Design-Cushion Styling-4.jpg

Step 3: Then finish off with a single accent cushion - either in the centre for a more formal look or overlapping one of the groupings for a more relaxed look.

Kirsten Ford Design-Cushion Styling-5.jpg
Kirsten Ford Design-Cushion Styling-6.jpg

Play around with different combinations and see what is most pleasing to the eye. And try to work in odd numbers – groups of three or five cushions are much more visually balanced than even groups, unless it is a very formal room.


I like to mix up different cushion sizes. On this sofa I’ve used a combination of 55 x 55cm, 55 x 40cm and 50 x 40cm cushions.


A room needs contrast - matching your cushions to your sofa colour can create a very bland look. Instead draw on colours already in the space, in artworks or other furniture, to create a cohesive feel.  And be brave and mix patterns! Create fun and interesting juxtapositions of pattern scale, design and style. The key is to find a common colour or tone link between the patterns. And generally I mix no more than three different patterns in the same space.  

Kirsten Ford Design-Cushion Styling-7.jpg

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Images: Hanson & Daughters Photography

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